Initial thoughts – how I think the curriculum SHOULD BE developed and created: Imagine, sitting around a room with intellectual and intelligent minds. You are all gathered together for a reason, and that reason is to create a program for the next generation to follow (for what you hope to be a long duration). You hope that what is collaborated on can be implemented and instilled… however, this is not the case.



After the assigned readings (while crying internal tears): Unfortunately, due to a vast majority of the contributions from those that are not directly working in the education system – our students and teachers are effected in a negative way. Sadly, this is what we (further teachers and present teachers) are walking into… A curriculum that is ultimately developed by the government… Although, don’t we (citizens) vote some of those individuals into there positions? Politics suffocate education!!!

What are we trying to develop in the country? Or right, life-long learners…


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